Thankful Thursdays – Eyes to See – Day 12

Things I’m thankful for this week:

  • I was able to share my testimony on Sunday at our church
    • this was very freeing in general, but I am so thankful that I am finally at a place where I can look back on the past couple of years and feel set free from the stronghold I was in (grief was not the stronghold, I will always grieve my loss, but my heart was hard and bitter and dark for so long, and now I finally have hope again)
  • My good friend, Dayna, recently moved back from full time mission work in Estonia and I was finally able to connect with her (and her dog, Evie) this week!
  • for a friend who knew we weren’t having a Thanksgiving feast, that I was alone on Monday with 3 kids and not feeling the greatest — and she surprised me by bringing a roast chicken, dressing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin cupcakes and a notebook that was very Chelsey-esque
  • baking Snickerdoodle Blondies with Eleanor (I’ve been making these for yearrrrs and they are a favorite of almost everyone who tastes them!)
  • for a photoshoot with a family who supported our Haiti trip, especially when they said it was the most fun they’d had doing a photoshoot :)
  • watching Ezra at two of his hockey practices this past weekend, he has improved so much and really loves it!
  • tonight I found an “emo” playlist with songs I listened to when I was in high school (back before “emo” was considered an insult). Many memoriesssss flooding back!  The songs are so good… and so bad… haha
  • watching my kids spend time drawing and writing books together this past week — and their awesomely hilarious stories and drawings
  • food, water, shelter — seems like a given, but there have been many times this week I have really taken notice of our pantry, or just appreciated my house, or that I can turn on a tap and have water.
  • Peter and Eleanor singing “Jesus Loves Me” together
  • I am thankful for God’s promises – today on Instastories I asked people to send me a message telling me what promises they hold on to, it was so powerful and encouraging to go through all the verses sent to me and look them up and read promise after promise after promise.  I will share them sometime :)
  • thankful for the deer that Peter and Eva got while bow-hunting on Monday, thank you Deer for giving your life for us.  We are totally out of meat. Thankful for the time Peter and Eva shared together.
  • Eleanor falling asleep in the van after dropping Ezra off at a birthday party, then staying asleep and snuggling with me on the couch — she NEVER naps anymore
  • for my health, my family’s health. This Saturday I will run a 10K (I’m declaring it), and I am thankful that I have a body that can do that.

While I’m sure there is much more, it is late now and my brain is slowly going to sleeeeeeep.

Thanks for following along, my friends!


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One thought on “Thankful Thursdays – Eyes to See – Day 12

  1. Kim Bye

    I’m so thankful you have all these things to be thankful for and the beautiful memories you are making.
    I’m so thankful you are out of that dark, bitter place. Because I love you and because it’s such a dreadfully hard place to be. You were very brave and honest to share. 💕Other people will know there is hope and that, “This too shall pass”. That’s a gift.
    You are a gift, your writing is a gift, your family is a gift.
    Beautiful ❤️


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