Hemmed & Quilted – Eyes to See – Day 11

Have you heard that old saying, “A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels?”

You might’ve seen it on a pillow.

It basically means to surround your day in prayer, and it will go better.

Which, I think is true.

But since I like to sew, I thought I’d make one little suggestion.

Hemming your day in prayer is just fine, yes.  I absolutely recommend it.

But you see, the hem is just the outer edge of the fabric.  I suggest also quilting your day in prayer, because quilting twists and turns and goes every which way, until there are little stitches throughout the entire piece.  And the hem really finishes it off.

So pray in the morning when you rise. Pray in the shower. Pray during breakfast. During dishes. Pray on your commute. Pray when something is going wrong in your day.  Pray when something is going right.  Pray when you feel like you’re going to scream at someone.  Pray when you didn’t give into that temptation.  Pray when you did give into that temptation. Pray when you’re holding your children on your lap. Pray when you’re changing a diaper. Pray when you’re unsure. Pray when you are sure. Use all the colors of thread, tell Him honestly how you feel.  There is no wrong way to do it.  Pray. Pray. Pray.  Practice His presence. Quilt and hem that day in prayer.

So, I realize saying “A day hemmed and quilted in prayer seldom unravels” doesn’t sound quite as nice or look as good on a pillow.

But it’s something to consider.

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One thought on “Hemmed & Quilted – Eyes to See – Day 11

  1. Kim Bye

    I absolutely love your writing and your message Chelsey!
    Thank you for the reminder to pray all the time 💕


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