Thankful Thursdays – Eyes to See – Day 5

Today I am thankful for…

  • the thoughtful prayers of the children at the kids’ school Thanksgiving Liturgy
  • crisp, autumn days
  • walking through Nose Hill Park
  • getting to be a mentor to a new believer
  • free latte reward from Starbucks
  • how excited Eleanor was to get her first cake pop
  • beautiful autumn colours
  • two of my children singing in the choir today
  • the evening light
  • impromptu family night
  • kids playing in the leaves
  • the big 3 playing Sorry on the deck
  • food on my table
  • gooooood friends moving back to my city
  • being able to text with gooooooood friends who don’t live in my city
  • AUTUMN – have I said that yet? it’s the best.
  • knowing I’m in “the good ole days” when I’m actually in them (reference from The Office)

This post is Day 5 in my 31 Day writing challenge… read more here:

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One thought on “Thankful Thursdays – Eyes to See – Day 5

  1. Mama

    Hugs. Love your gratitude. It’s contagious. Blessings all around.


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