Whitespace for God – Eyes to See – Day 4

It can be hard to hear Him, sometimes.

We are so busy.

But the truth is.

We all have the same amount of time each day.

24 hours.

We all make 1440 choices a day, of how to spend each minute.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

I think that’s something we just tell ourselves.

That our lives, our busy-ness, is happening to us.

But I can tell you this from experience…

It’s mighty hard to hear from the Lord if you don’t make time to listen.

If every spare moment you have is full.

I have five minutes, I’ll browse Facebook.

I have the night off, time to binge-watch Netflix.

Reading novel after novel after novel.

Imagine with me.

What could happen if we took time to talk to God,

and to listen for God,

while we did the dishes?

While we waited for the bus?

While we waited for sleep to come?

While we ________________________?

What if we had eyes to see that we need whitespace for God in our day?

Would we have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand?

This post is Day 4 in a 31 day writing challenge, read the other posts here:

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3 thoughts on “Whitespace for God – Eyes to See – Day 4

  1. April

    Love your title for this series! I think often about this concept, as well. Our society isn’t so great with “be still and know,” is it?! I’m planning to explore this topic a little bit as part of my 31-day series, TECHnically Intentional – cultivating intention with how we use technology. Let me know if you might be interested in swapping for one day and guest posting on each other’s blog… just an idea that popped into my head, but might be fun! :)


    1. chelsey

      that sounds fun :) i’ll go check out your site!


  2. Mama

    Such truth. Be still and know that I am God is my heart verse. Busyness is a dilemma. Keep on writing. Thanks sweet daughter.


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