Eleanor is 2 months old!

Whoosh!  Did you hear that?  That was 2 months passing by.  Two months of this sweet little face, of a little ball of baby resting on my chest, of night feedings and nursing in general, of swaying and walking and rocking to sleep.  Two months of re-learning how to do everything with just one hand.  Two months of closing my eyes and trying to commit Eleanor to memory.

I just looked back through my Instagrams and I can’t believe how much she’s grown in these 2 months!  At her last check-up (6 weeks) she was 12lbs 13oz and 24 inches long.   I get asked all the time how we are adjusting to 4 and whether or not she is a good baby — and the truth is, she just fits right in!  She is a super easy-going baby and I must be really used to chaos and being outnumbered, because so far it doesn’t feel too different than when there were just 3.  I just have to stop to nurse more, which slows my day down quite a bit… in a good way. Her siblings absolutely adore her.  Isaac can’t stop himself from “boop”ing her on the nose and kissing her head 5 times every 12 minutes (mah, mah, mah, mah, mah!).  They love to hold her and watch her, especially when they can get her to smile which she has been doing regularly since about 5 weeks.  She’s also been cooing a bit too, which is really sweet.  Anyway, that’s my little update on Eleanor — and about as cohesive of sentences I can put together.  My brain still feels really mushy, baby brain is a real thing people!  Someday soon I’ll post her birth story.


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