I’m 30 — My Amazing Birthday Week!

I turned 30 last Sunday and I had such an amazing birthday week!  I love birthdays, even though I’m technically old and grown up, I still think it’s wonderful to have a day of your very own to be appreciated and feel special.  It’s even better if you can stretch it out over a week of celebrating with different friends and family :)

This milestone birthday celebration started the Friday before my birthday when my lovely sister-in-law, Joylyn, took me out to the Keg for supper (and paid for it, what a sweetheart!).  My cousin-in-law, Bethany, came along for the festivities and we had such a nice girl’s night out.  MMmmm I had spinach salad and the filet classic (wrapped in applewood smoked bacon), double stuffed baked potato and veggies, and then they brought this huge mocha ice cream cake that was big enough for 3 to enjoy.  The waiter also guessed that I was 24, so that was pretty nice.  He also probably wanted a good tip!



This is me on the day I was born, being held by my uncle.  My first photograph.



The boys woke me up at 6am on my birthday but since it was a Sunday, Peter was already awake and told me to go back to bed.  I reset my alarm for 7:00 (which I slept through) and was woken up by my husband and 3 lovely children at 7:20 who came into the room singing Happy Birthday!  They had a homemade card for me and Peter had interviewed Eva and Ezra about me.  Inside the card was also tickets to go see So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Tour in February!  We have been watching that show for years now and I am so excited to go see the Top Ten dancers live!  It’s on February 8, and my due date is February 2 so I’m expecting to either be going with a brand new babe in tow or else the dances better move me into labor because I’ll be overdue.

Peter had to leave for church set up and my 7.5 year old daughter Eva made me birthday pancakes all by her very self!  She was so pleased with herself and so was I!  She wants to make pancakes all the time now!



I went to the Kick Off Sunday for Northern Hills Church and was expecting to be volunteering in class all morning but ended up being able to go to the worship service instead, which was really nice because my sister-in-law is new in town and new to our church and I wanted to sit with her and also my dear friend Dayna was visiting our church for the very first time and I wanted to be able to be with her as well!  Joylyn surprised me with an Oprah Chai Latte because she remembered that I mentioned on Friday at The Keg that I had never tried it before.



After church was done I told the kids that I would take them to McDonalds.  I was expecting all the birthday festivities to be over but Peter told me that he would like us all to go to Boston Pizza as a family for a sit down lunch.  So the kids were disappointed but I was looking forward to lunch together as a family.  We waited for Peter to be done take-down of the church stuff and we walked over to Boston Pizza and I was greeted by a room of 23 people who were all there to celebrate with me!  Surprise!  I love surprises.  Please surprise me with gifts and celebrations anytime, people.  I felt so very special that all these people came to have lunch with us!  There were more people who showed up after this picture was taken.




Me with my friend Dayna :)



After lunch, some friends ran up to me with a can of Coke with my name on it!  And it was even spelled properly!  Apparently there was a Coke truck parked right outside the theatre where we have church and you can type the names you want into a computer and it prints it onto the can for you!  We got in line and had some made for the whole family!  I don’t drink Coke anymore (been over two years now!) but I still really appreciated the gesture!


I’ve embraced turning 30 by having fun dressing up and trying out new makeup.  I had fun getting dressed up for this special occasion.  When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a grown up and wearing heels but I have never felt comfortable wearing them before.  Now that I’m 30, I’m finally the woman in heels I’ve always wanted to be ;)



Here’s baby #4.  I was one day away from being 20 weeks on my 30th birthday.  I spent the afternoon relaxing at home, assuming the celebrations were over!  I checked in on all my Facebook messages (thanks everyone!), opened some gifts and responded to texts.  I felt very loved!  I spent some time Face Timing my mother-in-law and then there was a ring of the doorbell and my sister-in-law was there apparently to babysit so Peter and I could go out on yet another date!IMG_4222.JPG

He took me downtown to a restaurant called Cibo on 17th Ave.  During supper Peter pulled out one more surprise, the mother of all surprises, four papers folded up.  I opened them up to discover 4 different travel itineraries — Los Angeles, Paris, Rome or Venice — for me to choose from.  The choice was to be all mine, and we were going to leave some time in October.  Peter had mentioned before the summer that we might go somewhere for our tenth anniversary but after buying a house and doing some renovations, I was very convinced that the trip was no longer going to happen!  So even though the possibility of a big trip had been mentioned before, I was still very surprised!  (Of course, I chose Paris and we are leaving on October 6!!!)



On Friday the 19th I had my 18-20 week anatomical ultrasound.  I was 20 weeks and 5 days.  I waited so long because I wasn’t sure when Peter would be back from his hunting trip and also I wanted the baby to be as developed as possible so we could clearly see the gender.  I have no idea if its any more developed by 20 weeks than 18, but I did it anyway.  In Alberta they make you drink 1 litre of water 2 hours before the ultrasound and it’s very cruel.  Every bump in the road on the way there makes you feel like you are going to wet yourself.



I took this photo before I knew the gender.  I feel like pretty much everyone knows how badly I’ve wanted a girl, and for how long.  Especially after having two boys, I definitely felt like it would be perfect to have this baby be a girl and really round our family out.  I was so anxious to find out the results!  The ultrasound felt really long, but it was so amazing.  It really is just so special to see your baby on the screen like that, moving around and waving.  It is so amazing that they can look so closely at their heart, kidneys, their brain, their limbs.  As far as I can tell from the ultrasound, everything is healthy with this sweet baby and the icing on the cake was at the end when she said “It’s a girl!”  I still get nervous to embrace that this is the truth because I wanted it so badly, but I took a detailed look at what she showed us on the screen.  I’ve seen boys on the screen the past two ultrasounds, and this looked nothing like that!




It was the perfect gift to end my birthday week, I couldn’t stop smiling all day after my ultrasound, and my heart bursts over and over again as I remember that the baby is a girl.



So I think it’s easy to see that this is easily the best birthday I have ever had.  I’m truly looking forward to my 30s.  I have so much more confidence than when I was 20, and the 20s held so many awesome things — I can’t wait to see what the 30s bring!  And baby, I can’t wait to meet you, but first lets go to Paris!

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