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I’ve been reading Sarah Bessey’s blog for quite a while now and am such a fan of the way she beautifully strings her words together to express the beautiful, the powerful, the messy.  But I admit, even I wasn’t sure what I would think of her book “Jesus Feminist” because lets face it, we all have an idea in our minds of what that word feminism means.  Even though I felt like I knew Sarah’s heart because of how long I’d been reading her blog, I still was scared this was going to be a big Girl Power! book with a Jesusy twist, and wrought with cynicism and anger about how women have been treated in the church.  I should’ve known better.  “Jesus Feminist” reads like a deeply respectful conversation about the Bible’s view of women, each word penned with nothing but love.  I felt strongly convicted to bring my relationship with God to a more intimate place.  I felt deeply loved by the God who created me in His own image and inspired to pursue the purposes that he has for me within his church.  I think that any woman who reads this book will feel the same way.  Learn more about it here.  Go pick up your copy now!



I always kind of stayed away from the blog The Nester because, hello, have you seen my house?  I don’t really have a decorating bone in my body.  And the last thing I needed was a book making me feel like a failure with all these ideas that I would never follow through on because I couldn’t afford it.  But then, as advertising does, I started to see many of the blog authors I follow posting about “The Nesting Place” and finally I couldn’t resist anymore and decided to give it a chance — and I’m very glad I did.  Turns out, the author Myquillin Smith, is a renter who fully embraces imperfections and thinks that the home is really about the heart: “a place to connect with others, foster rest, inspire, and be a welcoming place to come back to.”  Myquillin gives a ton of suggestions, but also permission to not use the suggestions and go with something that is uniquely you if that is what feels right.  I feel more confident to let go of my fear of “what if it doesn’t work out?” after reading this book.  Honestly, a big part of me has never wanted to put much into my home because we are renting and I don’t feel like investing much in a house that we aren’t going to stay in.  After reading this book though, I feel inspired to make whatever house I’m living in a place of peace, connection, inspiration and love — for myself, my family and my guests.  And never forget “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”





About a year ago, I watched a Soul Pancake video about Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old young man who was dying of osteosarcoma but not letting that stop him from living his life to the fullest.  I was deeply touched and inspired by this young man and his family as I watched this documentary and learned all about the songs he wrote and the impact he had on the world before he moved on from it.  As soon as I realized that the book “Fly A Little Higher” was a memoir written by Zach’s mom, Laura, I knew I wanted to read it right away.  I think I read this book within a day or two, it was so captivating, compelling, and inspiring!  There were many times that I would have to choke back my tears, I just cannot even imagine going through something like this with my own children — or how proud I would be of my child if they were to face their trials with such bravery, faith and selflessness.   Stories like this always make me think about my life and challenge my perspective for the better.  I definitely think anyone would enjoy this book (as much as you can enjoy a book about someone who is dying) and be inspired.





Here is the original SoulPancake documentary:

And a new documentary that I just found today while preparing to write this review, and will have to watch soon:


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