Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker – Book Review


I have read Lisa-Jo’s blog for some time now and I have participated in her Five Minute Friday challenge, and I was absolutely thrilled when she announced that she would be having a fourth baby: a book. Lisa-Jo writes with the love, the wisdom and the gentleness of someone who genuinely cares. Lisa-Jo paints beautiful word pictures of all that is wonderful in life, but also what is painful, and she does so in such a way that you see the wonder that is there too in the pain.

This book is Lisa-Jo’s very heart, and we get to hold it in our hands, open it up and take a good look inside. This is the story of her journey to motherhood, the girl who swore to never become a mother after her own mother passed away when she was just 18-years-old. A love story, a healing story, a Jesus-story — and it is beautifully written and inspiring.

Surprised by Motherhood” is the true what to expect when you’re expecting: Lisa-Jo removes any masks of perfection and shares her true feelings and true frustrations that often accompany motherhood. The things that we aren’t discussing at our moms and tots groups. She shares the wonderful things too, and her transparency gives all of us mothers a soft place to land. Lisa-Jo is a cheerleader for moms and believes that “motherhood should come with a superhero cape”. I have to agree with her.

I believe that “Surprised by Motherhood” is a timeless classic that will bring me joy to return to again and again; when my babies are grown it will be a reminder to me of the brutality and the beauty of these early days. And that “great love is always born from great sacrifice”. “Surprised by Motherhood” will be my baby shower go-to gift from now on.

(Also: I now see my huge need for South African tea time in my life. Thank you, Lisa-Jo.)

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