9th Anniversary

This past October 2, Peter and I celebrated our 9th anniversary.  I was not expecting anything to happen, we’ve both been very busy and we both aren’t very high maintenance.  Besides, next year is the big T-E-N so I was thinking “it’s totally fine if we don’t really do anything for our anniversary this year because next year he better be taking me to Paris” (so much for not high maintenance!).


Peter got up with the kids and let me sleep in on our special day (that was basically enough of a gift in my mind, sleep is more precious than rubies to me) but then he came and woke me up around 8 and said I should get ready to go out for breakfast and that our friend, Hope, would be here soon to watch the kids.  I quickly did so and was excited because going out for breakfast is such a treat for parents.  We went to Cora’s, which has been so hyped up to me over the years and I hate to say that I was disappointed.  The food was fine and my handsome hubby was wonderful company, but seriously why are people so obsessed with Cora’s?  Felt similar to a Smitty’s to me, or any other chain restaurant like that.  Sorry, Cora.

Because I was so not expecting anything to happen on our anniversary, the day before I booked a hair appointment for myself for 11:30 (I hadn’t had my hair cut in over two years so it was definitely time!) and so I went off to that shortly after we got home from Cora’s.  I came home, frightened my husband with how short it was (way shorter than the picture I showed the stylist but what can ya do?) and went upstairs to put Isaac to sleep.  When I came back downstairs there were some unfamiliar boots at the front door and I soon discovered that my friend, Stefi, had come over to babysit for us.  More surprises!  Turns out she was the first in a string of three other babysitters who would come and Peter had planned a day trip to Lake Louise and Banff for us!  I grabbed a warm coat, my camera and off we went!  (I love surprises.)


We did a long walk around beautiful Lake Louise and had an amazing, uninterrupted, talk!  Then we went into Banff for supper.  We ate at Giorgio’s for supper which is where we first ate on our honeymoon and then again when we went to Banff for a couple of nights for our anniversary three years ago.  Then we headed over to a French restaurant (can’t remember the name right now!) for creme brulee (which we also ate three years ago  on our anniversary trip but is also a nod to our engagement, which took place in Paris).

If I have to own a mini-van with anyone, I’m glad it’s this guy.  Love our life.banff_1 banff_2

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3 thoughts on “9th Anniversary

  1. Kait

    Yes! Mini vans are pretty awesome when we get to share them with such awesome men. Your trip looked like such a great time.


  2. Elise Hoeppner

    You are a beautiful couple! Love your blog, Chelsey!


    1. chelsey

      Thank you, Elise!


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