Halloween 2013

Last night was Halloween and naturally my kids have been looking forward to it since November 1, 2012.  Eva plans and replans her costume all year long.  I have so many fond memories of trick-or-treating around the small town where I grew up and it is a lot of fun to see the kids all dressed up and so excited about such a simple thing as candy.


This was Isaac’s first year trick-or-treating and at first I just pushed him around in the stroller but eventually I let him get out and go up to the door with his little bucket for candy as well.  I knew he’d be hooked after that, and I was right.  He loved going from door to door, holding out his little bucket for candy, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the decorations coupled with excited pointing.


Peter and I decided to do something different this year and along with handing out candy we also prepared huge pots of hot chocolate and apple cider to pass out too chilled parents and kids.  Peter manned the candy and drinks while I took the kids around (which was another change this year, I haven’t gone out since Eva was two!) but I was still able to take part a little bit in meeting some of our neighbors and getting to know them better.  Not only did we get to reconnect with the neighbors that we had already met but we got to know some neighbors who have been living across the cul-de-sac from us all this time but we have had the chance to chat with, as well as many others who live all around us.


What a happy Halloween!


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