Welcome to 2013 – A Brain Dump Post

Every kitchen and living room surface is covered with stuff right now.  A laundry basket of tiny clean clothes overflows onto the floor and the dishwasher and the dish pan and one of the sinks are full of clean dishes waiting to be put away.  My blog has sat here in its little online space, quiet.  For months it has waited for me to write, and for months I have written many posts in my mind, never to flow through the fingers to the keys to the interwebs.

Lately I have had many posts come to mind but it doesn’t seem right to come back without playing catch-up, so I’m doing that now.  My three children are in the care of a wonderful friend who has been taking them for full days about once a week for the past month.  She even cooks me supper on those days.  Isn’t she nice?  She loves Jesus very much and serves so many people because of that love, and I am blessed to be a recipient, a true gift from the Lord.

When January came around I had every intention of blogging about my goals for the new year and updating you along the way as I took small steps toward it.  It’s almost May and I’m still waiting to start on one of those goals!  Life has been crazy, crazier than it usually is, and it’s usually pretty crazy.

Here is a bullet point look at what life has been like around here, starting with last fall:

– starting considering and wrestling with the idea of pulling Eva from private school and beginning to homeschool; researching options, praying and discussing

– in the summer two ministry opportunities came clear to us as possibilities, we began wrestling and praying over these two opportunities

– three kids.  Enough said.

– in September my mom let me know that she and my stepdad Randy were having some marital struggles.  Began worrying praying hard for them and dealing with my own emotional reactions to the news.  They are working hard on things!  Marriage is definitely a tough commitment!

– in November my dad called me to tell me that he had cancer.  I can feel the emotions rising in me even as I type that, I can remember that very day so clearly.  Lots of worry prayer there too. (He has now completed his radiation treatment and I think everything is under control for now).

– in December we decided that we would start homeschooling in January

– Peter would also begin taking 4 classes toward his Bachelor of Theology in January.

– God made it clear that we were being called specifically toward one of the two ministry opportunities, that being a church plant in NW Calgary (more to come on that later); we announced it to our church family here about a month or so ago.

– So since January, Peter has been working full time, taking four college classes and working on church planting… I have basically been single-momming it while figuring out how this whole homeschool thing works and dealing with a three year old who likes to fight (scream at) both his big sister and his little brother.


So anyway, yeah, you can see that I’ve been busy, drowning in it a bit, and that’s why I haven’t been posting.  Isaac turned one, I haven’t posted any updates on him since 11 months I think, poor third child.  Ezra turned 3, he didn’t even get a birthday party this year.  He did get a train table though, happy birthday buddy!  I think that he’s okay with that.  The kids and I went to Saskatchewan for two weeks in February to be with my dad during some of his radiation treatments.  We all caught a bad stomach bug while there and there was lots of vomit.  Thankfully, my dad did not get sick (phew).  It was awesome to come out and to spend time with him and to be able to cook for him a bit and just generally be there to be a part of this whole thing with him.

Through it all, what has really kept me sane is the very truth that God is good, all the time.  I truly believe that He is good, even when times are difficult, even if life doesn’t turn out the way I expect.  I know deeply that He loves me.  I always think about the story Jesus tells about the men building a house.  He says how if we hear His words and obey them, we are like men building our houses on rock.  When the storms come (not if but when), the house can stand strong.  But if we hear His words and do not obey, we are like men building our house in the sand.  When the storms come, there will be complete destruction.  And I have totally felt that through all of this.  I know deep in my heart that I wouldn’t be able to withstand all the emotional and physical stress that I have endured this past year if it wasn’t for Jesus.  The pre-Jesus me would’ve definitely been destroyed by it long ago.  But I keep my eyes focused on Him and I can stand.  I have peace in my heart, and a great support system when I need it.  He has been so good to our family and He will continue to be, even if life takes some unexpected turns.

Please keep praying for us!

And that’s all I’ve got for now (not even a picture with this post, how sad!), it’s time to go pick up my children.  I hope to post a bit more regularly now that I’ve got all that off my chest!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2013 – A Brain Dump Post

  1. Kait

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I totally get it and am right there along side of you in the trenches. Prayers my friend!


    1. chelsey

      Thanks, Kait! I’m so thankful for Instagram bringing us together to encourage one another!


  2. Andie

    We are so much alike, too bad we live so far away! I hit the pause button on my blog for awhile now too, not sure how long it will last, I hope to some day return to it. Thanks for being so transparent in this post, it’s refreshing. We’re figuring out and praying about homeschooling next year, I’ll have a 2nd grader and Kindergardener….I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of that, so we shall see what happens. :)

    Blessings and Hugs!


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