Isaac is 10 months old!

Dear Isaac –

You have grown yourself right into the double digits!  You are army crawling yourself around the house like a champ.  You are very fast now, and will eat anything you find on the floor (anything so mama always has to watch you and also has to sweep regularly).  You love when the doors to the bathroom and to the mud room are open.  We try to keep them closed but sometimes we forget and as soon as you notice that they are open, you pull yourself over there while making excited little noises the whole way.  That usually gives you away, so you might want to quit making those noises if you want to be stealthier.  Our sun room is sunken and you fell off the little step once, it was your first time getting hurt.  You cried and cried and cried and mama couldn’t do a thing to make you happy, so I ended up having to nurse you to calm you down.  You ended up with a bruise on your cheek.  You still like to scare all of us by going right over to the step and hanging out around there, making all of us (even Ezra, who will yell “Mom, Isaac!  Move him!”) nervous!  I tried to teach you go down the step backwards, but you’ll get it eventually.  Just a few days ago when I was cleaning the sun room (really it’s just our office and Eva’s craft space), you climbed that one little step all by yourself.  So here we go.  I’m anticipating having to gate off the full set of stairs within the next month or so.

You are becoming a little joker too.  If I say “don’t get me!” you will grin and grab at me again and again.  I love playing with you like this, and seeing your personality.  You think it’s really funny if I’m carrying you to sneak up behind someone and get them.  You love the reaction and will dive to get them the second they turn around.  The other day you turned your head to the side of your carseat and I said “Where’s Isaac?” and then you’d turn your head to look at me with a big grin.  We did this for a while and it was just so fun to play with you like that.

You are still sleeping through the night, you are very good at sitting and then going down onto your tummy, and as I mentioned, army crawling.  You get mad now when I put you in your exersaucer, you just want to be free.  You also voice your opinion if you don’t want to go into your car seat or high chair.  You have two very visible and cute bottom teeth and more coming in on the top!  There are two outer middle teeth (whatever those are called!) that have broken through, so now I’m wondering when the middle middle teeth will come through.

I can’t stop kissing your fat little cheeks.  I love you!  I even forgive you for growing up so much and so quickly.

Love Mama xo

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One thought on “Isaac is 10 months old!

  1. Kim Bye

    Awww Chelsey! So very sweet! Well written as usual and I enjoyed reading about double digit Isaac!
    I can’t stop kissing his chubby little cheeks either!! Such a great, sweet little character! Love him so much!!! <3


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