Life Group – Eyes to See – Day 13



We hosted life group at our house this past Saturday. We are a part of a new group, a bunch of families with kids, and the kids run rampant and eat all the snacks and have tons of fun while we adults sit together, reading the bible, praying, discussing, eating and drinking. We talked about God creating Adam and then Eve, about poetry and narrative, about marriage and gender roles, and about sin.

Every single person in that room was so different from each other, I highly doubt any of us would really be friends except for Jesus. I love how he brings together people who are so different. Because of Him, we are willing to set aside our differences, and just love one another for who we are and who Jesus is transforming us into. We wrestled with the word that day, each of us coming from different places, each of us searching for the truth. And God was there, a part of it all. He guides each of us in different ways, for different purposes, to become different people, but he is there, in all of us.

I am so thankful that there isn’t just one way to be a Christian. I used to think that all Christian guys wore plaid shirts tucked into their dockers with running shoes, and if you were a guy and you were a Christian then you’d have to dress that way. I used to think there was some certain mold we all had to fit in to really be Christians, but the truth is Jesus meets all of us just where we are and each of our journeys look totally different except for that one thing in common, Him. We each play a different role, some of us are eyes, hands, feet, pancreas, but we are all part of the same body and it’s such a gift to be able to come together and accept each other’s uniqueness because of Who we have in common.


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