My first poem in over 3 years – Day 2 – 31 Days of Eyes to See

{Day Two}



Mondays are quiet.
The silence wraps itself
around me
after two days of
in and out, here and there,
the noise of busyness.

The wind caresses my hair
and my face
as we walk.
Her small hand in mine,
she has
and stretched
since she was part
of me,
since she emerged
from me,
but her hand still fits in mine.

The fragrance of coffee
fills the house.
We sit, mugs warming our hands.
The sound of his voice,
and the giggle of a little
blonde-headed boy
running past,
and my lips pressed against
squishy baby cheeks,
his body warm on my chest.
A girl at school
learning words and scripture.

All of us
woven together.
We are all stretching
and stretching







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3 thoughts on “My first poem in over 3 years – Day 2 – 31 Days of Eyes to See

  1. P the H

    Really enjoy this!


  2. Louise

    Heck yeah this is exaclty what I needed.


  3. LaVonne

    Beautiful poetry!!!! So wonderful, keep it coming! Love it!


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