31 Days of Eyes to See

I have decided to write every day in October, along with The Nester, and other favorite bloggers of mine such as Ann Voskamp (ever heard of her?), Emily P. Freeman, and Lisa-Jo Baker, (as well as many others).  I had actually thought about blogging every day in October on thankfulness, which I attempted a couple of years ago (and failed at completing).  Once I saw that something like 200 other people would be writing every day this month I took it as a sign and hopped on the band wagon.  So here I am.  I will be writing every day this month (starting today) on seeing God in the every day moments, the extraordinary in the ordinary, God on a Tuesday morning kind of thing.  I am looking forward to being more intentional about looking at my every day life through a spiritual lens.  This post will serve as “home base” for all my 31 posts.  I will link to them at the bottom.

{Day One}

In the shade, the air is cool.  The leaves crunch under my feet as I walk.  We are taking some family photos today, I’m finally on top of something for once.  It’s the last day of September and we are taking family photos in the event that I am organized enough to mail Christmas cards to our friends and family this year.  The kids sit, and do as they’re told (mostly) and when it’s over, we let them play on the playground nearby.

There are smiles and laughter, but also screaming and crying.  And isn’t that what makes up our lives?  There’s good, there’s bad, but all of it is a gift.  Some days, I am ripping my hair out, but aren’t these children just what I prayed for?  Even when I feel like I cannot bear another moment of motherhood, isn’t this life directly from God?

The oldest two snuggled into me tonight as we read the first book of Little House on the Prairie.  My arms were full of these children and I read out loud to them.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror once they were all tucked into bed.  I squinted my eyes to really examine, and thought so this is my life.  This is the 28-year-old me.  Is it what I expected?

God’s fingerprints are all over this life, this house, my husband, my children.  He has given it all to me, the good and the bad, and isn’t it all just really good?  I smiled, and thought back over the journey that has brought me here to this very moment.  Not at all an easy one, but still, just really good.


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8 thoughts on “31 Days of Eyes to See

  1. denise@victory rd.

    “God’s fingerprints are all over this life.”

    So true!

    Praying God reveals so much to you, and is glorified through you these 31 days.


  2. mama

    Beautiful thoughts, just like this beautiful family! I love this! I want an 8 x 10 for my family wall…and a 4 x 6 for my office. and and and…love you sweetie…


  3. Kimberley Bye

    I love what you share….always! And, I love this family photo!!


  4. AP

    I’n visiting from the 31 Days link-up. I just adore your theme for the month and know that I’ll be able to apply it to my life and my home and the way I look at my days at home with my two sweet little boys.. you’re so right- isn’t this what I’ve prayed for all along? and even on the hardest of days, the days when no one naps and my house is a mess… i need to remember that.. so thank you! i’m excited to read more!


  5. Pamela M

    What a beautiful topic, I love this post! I found you from AP’s blog and am also participating in the linkup this year!


  6. Kendall

    This is my first time visiting your blog–and I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t have said these words better myself. Thank you for the reminder–I will be surely coming back, I love your topic!


    1. chelsey

      Thank you for stopping in, Kendall, Pamela, AP, & Denise! Looking forward to reading what you guys have to say too! :)


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