A Week in Photos – Project 365 – Week 32


August 6, 2012 – my stepbrother and his family were camping near Calgary so we went out to their campsite to hang out with them for a while.  The kids had fun playing together!


August 7, 2012 – post-nap Curious George.


August 8, 2012 – Isaac helped me cull wedding photos.


August 9, 2012 – this day is my baptism birthday (9 years!).  My friend Nickie from Regina was in town and came over for a visit.  I was the first person to tell her about what Jesus is really like and as a result, she also was baptized and became a committed, passionate follower of God.  It was so awesome to reconnect with her after all these years, and see how much she has grown and be reminded of what an awesome girl she is!


August 10, 2012  – a little evening nap.


August 11, 2012 – Perfect day for a fire in the back yard!  Not too hot, no wind.  After the kids went to bed Peter and I stayed by the fire and talked for a few hours.



August 12, 2012 – Peter and Ezra had a Sunday afternoon nap and I was really wanting to get out of the house (ie, away from the mess) so Eva, Isaac and I went to Indigo to drink coffee (Kids Hot Chocolate, no whip for Eva, Venti skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte for me) and read books.  It was such a fun time.

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