Eva’s Kindergarten Graduation

While I was in Saskatchewan, Eva graduated from Kindergarten.  I was super sad to have to miss it.  I had one of the weddings booked for just about a year and then suddenly had a request for another wedding the following Saturday, both in Estevan.  I just assumed that Eva would be finishing school closer to the end of June so I booked it and made plans to take Eva, Ezra and Isaac to Saskatchewan for the week.  Eva was going to miss that week (only two actual days, since she only went two days a week) of school until we discovered that that very week was her last week and also her Kindergarten graduation.  I was very sad to miss it as I said, but Peter took a bunch of photos and videos with his phone so I was still able to see it at least.




I can’t believe my baby girl is already all done Kindergarten.  It is amazing how fast this past year went… how fast the past 5.5 years have gone.  Eva changed so much this year.  At first she was so shy and timid, and unwilling to make any friends (“Did you make any friends at school today, Eva?” “No, I already have enough friends.  I’m not going to make any new friends.”).  She also didn’t like to sing any songs at church or do actions or pray at all.  By Christmas, her teacher was telling us how she was really starting to open up: she was laughing and having fun in class, smiling all the time, and had a very best friend and other close friends too.  Her favourite song was (and still is) “Here I am to Worship”, which she and her friends would sing all the time.  She has been praying, on her own accord, and she often talks with me about God.  She got a medal for saying her memory verses each and every month (which she refused to do at first, until the allure of a medal motivated her).  She went up on stage for her Christmas Concert and Graduation, where previously she has been terrified to go on stage in front of people and refuses to participate (previous Showcase Sundays at church are the evidence), but this year at Showcase Sunday she was front and center, singing and doing the actions.  I have absolutely loved having her at a Christian school, knowing that she is in an environment that parallels what we believe at home, and it truly has made such a big difference in Eva’s life.  I am so thrilled to see what next year brings — Grade One, how can it be!?

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  1. mama roberts

    Absolutely beautiful, great pictures…would one of these go to 8 x 10 for my wall? so so beautiful, thanks for sharing these Chelsey, and yes your little girl is growing up and into an amazing wonderful little person! God is so good! Love you all!


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