Saskatchewan Trip

I was in Saskatchewan from June 7-17 for two weddings that I booked some time ago, and I did a couple of photo shoots too.  Peter worked it out so that he would keep Eva and Ezra and I would just have to take Isaac with me, which couldn’t have come at a better time because I was really starting to need a break from my daily routines and taking care of three kids.  Not only was it just Isaac (who is the easiest to take care of at this point, no walking, talking and generally happy) coming with me but my mom was also there to help me and I didn’t have to do any cooking and very little house keeping!




Isaac did so well on his first flight!  He nursed on the way up and slept the entire way!  He did this on the way home too.  We got into Estevan late on Thursday night.  On Friday, my mom and I got some Iced Capps and drove around scouting locations before going to visit my Grandma Irene.  After that, I had a wedding rehearsal and prep and all day Saturday (almost 11 hours!) I was shooting the wedding.  On Sunday, my Grandma Kelly and I drove down to my Dad’s in Carnduff.  This has become a tradition of mine and Grandma’s, she drives over to my mom’s to get me and then I drive her car down to Carnduff and we have great talks along the way.  I love getting to spend that time with her.



On Monday, I was really ready for a day of hanging around doing nothing, so my mom and I watched The Vow together.  Watching movies together is one of our favourite pass-times!


After supper, Randy and I picked up some Dairy Queen for all of us, which is something we often used to do when I was in high school.



And then Isaac had a little photo shoot in the last hour of light.


On Tuesday we were up earrrrllllyyy (up at 6, on the road at 7:30) for a photo shoot in Regina at 10:00.  After that my mom and I got lunch together (Booster Juice and paninis, yum!) and I spent the afternoon at Kelli’s.


Kelli and I drank lattes and visited at first…


and then we went to Fabricland, the crafty ladies we are!


After Fabricland, my mom and I went to LaVonne’s for supper, she made me enchiladas, hash brown casserole and taco salad.  Grandma Helen was there, Mark, Joy and Kerry too.  Then I had another photo shoot at 7:00 and we were back on the road at 9:30 to drive back to Estevan, getting in around midnight!


I was up early again the next day to go to the US of A!  Mom was feeling pretty sick so she didn’t come.  I was so concerned about Isaac not having a passport and having the proper documentation for him to get across the border that I forgot to bring my own passport.  That almost ruined the whole Minot trip that we had been looking forward to!  Thankfully, Alberta has enhanced driver’s licenses and I was able to get across no problem.


When I was a kid, I used to go to Minot all the time but until this trip, it had been over ten years since I had last been there!  It was fun for me to see the sights again.  Randy and I had fun (or at least I did) at the mall and eating ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, and then Randy also took me to Hobby Lobby (where I walked around wide-eyed and smiling) and Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.  Whyyy don’t we have stores like that in Canada?



On Thursday, I was thankful for another “rest” day!  I picked my cousin Alexa up from school (my old high school) and took her out for lunch.  Her mom, dad, and sister came to Carnduff on Sunday but she wasn’t able to come so I was glad to be able to see her before I left!


On Friday, my brother stopped in for a quick visit and then I went out for lunch with my Dad and Dotty.


After that I had another wedding rehearsal and prep, and then I shot the wedding all day Saturday and packed myself up and got ready to go home!



On Sunday we were up early again and drove into Regina to have lunch at East Side Mario’s and send me off on the airplane back to real life.




Before I knew it I was back in Calgary (flying really is the way to do that tedious Calgary-Regina trip) and greeted by my family at the airport.  Eva yelled “MOMMYYY!” and ran to me for a big hug, and Ezra was excited too.  I was feeling quite nervous about getting back into being a mom of three but after a couple of days I was back in the groove.


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