A Week in Photos – Weeks 23 & 24 – Project 365

I have been away in Saskatchewan for 10 days and shot weddings the past two Saturdays so I never got around to posting! I was busy going all over the country and visiting family too so I just never took the time to post, but here are the past two weeks in photos. I will post about my trip sometime this week, I hope! I have tons of editing and other work to do from the two weddings and also two photo shoots (oh yeah and back to caring for 3 kids!) we’ll see!

June 2, 2012 – Every year our youth group puts on a huge garage sale to raise money for the youth mission trip. Ezra got many new cars from this garage sale and spent most of the day playing with his new toys.

June 3, 2012 – we missed church again. Earlier this week, Eva missed school because she had a cough and a fever and now Ezra has it. Poor guy. It took him a few days to get past this fever and back to his normal self.

June 4, 2012 – wahoo! Peter and Eva took our new-to-us boat on its maiden-with-us voyage. They spent the whole day fishing on a lake near Bassano, Alberta. Eva had a blast and I think Peter did too :)

June 5, 2012 – snuggles with dad after work.

June 6, 2012 – Peter snuggling his baby that is flying away from him tomorrow.

June 7, 2012 – Isaac’s first flight! Calgary to Regina. He did great, slept from take off to after landing!

June 8, 2012 – Isaac’s first bath in a big tub. He loved it! Happily kicked the whole time!


June 9, 2012 – I shot a wedding all day today and my mom snapped this one of me with Isaac after I got
home without me knowing! I was glad she did or I would’ve totally forgotten to take a picture this day!

June 10, 2012 – my Grandma Kelly and I drove down to Carnduff to visit my Dad and Dotty. My aunt, uncle and one of my cousins came later too!

June 11, 2012 – Isaac had a little photo shoot during the magic hour.


June 12, 2012 – went into Regina for two photo shoots and was able to spend the afternoon with my best friend, Kelli. Our babes are just 6 weeks apart.

June 13, 2013 – Randy, Isaac and I went to Minot, ND for the day. Mom wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t come. Isaac has now been to BC, Alberta, SK, Manitoba and the USA!
June 14, 2012 – took my cousin Alexa out for lunch on her school lunch break. And my sweet girl had her last day of kindergarten and graduation on this day! So proud of her and so sad to miss her grad. I booked the two weddings before I realized she would be graduating this week, it is much earlier than I was expecting!



June 15, 2012 – Uncle Mike popped in for a short visit and met Isaac for the first time. And I had to include this cute one of my mom and Isaac too, right before my mom and Randy went tithe Burton Cummings concert.

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