Isaac is 5 months old!


Isaac, you are just so stinking cute.  What else can I say?  You are so chubby and squishy and just so kissable, I could eat you right up.  Not really, obviously, that would be weird, but that is just something that adults say about babies when they really like them.  You have really grown up a lot, which, quite frankly, I’m a little ticked about.  Did we not have this conversation four months ago about you staying little?

You are so alert now, and so aware of everything.  If you want to be held and I put you down, you fuss.  If you’re fussing and I come over to you, then you calm.  You can roll over from your back to your tummy — well, mostly.  Your little arm gets stuck but you’re pretty much there!  And you love your exersaucer now, just happily bouncing around (and spitting up, both the exersaucer and the bumbo seem to do that to you) and interacting with the toys on there.

It is so funny to give you little toys to hold now.  You slowly get your little fingers wrapped around the toy and your focus becomes so fixed and you are working with all your coordination to get said toy into your mouth.  I’ve noticed you watching me eat lately, watching the fork go back and forth from the plate to my mouth, and I just can’t believe it’s only one month until you can eat some food yourself.  How has so much time gone by already?

You really do bring me so much joy.  I love waking up to your little smile and I love your giggle.  I love watching your big brother and big sister with you.  Happy 5 months, little man.  It’s hard to remember life without you!

Love, Mama xo

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