A Month in Photos – February 2012

February has come and gone!  Unbelievable!  I have been a mom to three kids for two months now and so far, I have managed to keep everyone alive.

We went skating with Joannie Rochette.  I love the bottom right picture of Peter holding Eva, with Joannie skating in the background.  It was a special day for sure!

I had a little photo shoot with Isaac.

Eva wrote the names of all of her classmates on her Valentines for her Valentine’s Day Party at school.  I made her a little white and red polka dot dress and a felt heart headband to wear.  She was really excited.

Ezra had fun playing on the stairs, and let me take some pictures of him.

Isaac turned two months old!

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10 thoughts on “A Month in Photos – February 2012

  1. Rebecca Cooper

    darling photos Chelsey! thanks for sharing your month in photos with us! :)


  2. Jane

    looks like you all had fun!!


    1. chelsey

      we really did, jane!


  3. Amanda D

    Beautiful collage! Love the ice-skating pictures. Happy March!


  4. Kelly Griglione

    Love the heart headband! Photos and collage are gorgeous!


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