Grace Made Perfect – Women in the Word Wednesday

She is someone I’ll never forget. Her long black hair, her facial piercings, but most of all her eyes — those big blue eyes. There were times you could be lost if you looked right into them, carried away by the current of pain they displayed. I’ll never forget how she abused her body, how she struggled so hard to measure up. Fighting to be thin, fighting to be drunk, to be numb, to express something, even if it meant razors on the flesh.

She was in the dark, with absolutely no connection, without hope.


But, God.

But, grace.

But now, she who once was far away has been brought near.


She was hopelessly stranded in a fractured world — an outsider — but now, she is in on everything. God whispered his truth into her heart and set her free, abundantly free.

She died on that October day, but rose again with His peace in her heart, his grace made perfect pumping through her veins. I’ll never forget who she was, her grace-full dance boasts of His power.

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6 thoughts on “Grace Made Perfect – Women in the Word Wednesday

  1. Renee

    Beautiful! I love a good redemption story. It brings back what God has done for me. Thanks and blessings, Chelsey!


  2. Kimberley Bye

    Wow!!! All I can say is wow! Well done on all levels.


  3. Erin

    Incredible, Chelsey. In a few short words, you eloquently reminded me why I love Jesus.


  4. Merlin

    :)… and that decicion brought You in my life !


    1. chelsey

      And I am so glad it did!


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