Happy Launch Anniversary

(A post from Inspired Mama)

One year ago today I launched this blog with the goal of documenting my thoughts on my journey toward intentional motherhood. It was my hope to encourage other mamas around me, and I think it has been a successful year.

There have been times that I have considered shutting this blog down. As recently as yesterday, I have thought: what do I have to say about motherhood? I’m such an amateur. I don’t have any answers! And it’s true, I really don’t.

A year ago when I started this blog, I thought at this point I’d be super mom. I thought I’d have it all together. I thought I’d have super focused days every day, based around spiritual, artistic, and fun experiences for the kids. I think I also honestly thought that I wouldn’t be as sinful, since I’d be focusing so much more on God.

What I have learned this past year is that first of all, I’m not super mom. I just do not have that gene that naturally enables me to do 1000 things at once. I wish I could be, but I am starting to accept the fact that the way I am is okay. I am enough. And more importantly, His grace is enough. There are tons of areas where I fail, but we are all always failing at something, I am always going to be a sinner. I need to accept that fact and I need to accept his forgiveness.

While I had a vague idea in mind of where I would be one year later, here is the main thing I learned about being an intentional mom: being an intentional mom means being intentional about my relationship with my Father. I put so much pressure on myself about doing activities with my kids but the most important and intentional thing I need to do is to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself. Everything else will flow naturally from that.

So here’s to another year of living intentionally. Another year of loving God and loving my kids and even loving myself.

Because I am okay.

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