On Our Own.

With each baby, we have been fortunate to have both my mom and Randy and Kerry and LaVonne come to help for a week each. It is so helpful to have the extra hands to hold the baby, to play with kids, to cook meals, to clean and do laundry. It is also so lovely to invite them into this special time in our lives and have them be able to spend time with the new baby.





(sorry, mom, I only had one photo of you on my phone!)

Thank you grandparents for coming! We appreciate your time and efforts so much and it has meant so much to us to have you here.

I was not looking forward to being on our own, especially with everyone being so sick, but the first day and a half has gone pretty well. I’m probably going to become best friends with coffee now. And my house might just be messy. Messy, but full of love, my friends. And probably some yelling too ;)

Some lovely people have offered to make us meals and have brought us gifts and offered their help. I hope they meant it because I intend to take them up on their offer this time around. No martyrdom here. My friend Rebecca has also arranged for people to bring us meals. 4 meals a week for the next three weeks. This is amazing.

So we are on our own but not really. We are surrounded by lovely, caring people who want to help us get on our feet as a family of five. We love and appreciate you all so much and promise to pay it forward when we aren’t so “in the trenches” ourselves!

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  1. Grandma

    Oh how I love your sweet family of five. It was our pleasure and honour to be invited into your new beginning with Isaac and the wonderful crew. Thank you! Love you all so very much!


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