I went to get Eva from school today. When I took that first shocked glance out the window this morning, I never would’ve guessed that I’d see blue sky and sunshine by the afternoon.

Nana stayed home with the napping boys while I went out. It felt so good to have those 15 minutes to myself on the way to the school. I picked up a gingerbread latte and savored the sunshine, blue sky, country roads and wide open spaces. For 15 minutes I didn’t have to think about nursing, schedules, tantrums or diapers. I was just a girl on the road in my… mini-van. Haha, oh well.


Eva had a great first day back to school and we had a lovely little chat on the way home. And we got to see this cute face when we got there:


And these cute toes:


And Ezra too.


And after all that goodness, I happily took down the Christmas tree.


I’ve been subtly hinting to Peter for a few days about wanting to take the tree down by saying things like, “Ohhh I wish someone would take that tree down!” or “Uggghhhh, I wish the tree was taken down!” or “I want that tree gone!”. But we’ve both been a little busy, I guess.

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