Just sitting here.


I’m just sitting here on the couch while Ezra reads books and Eva draws at the kitchen table. I’m trying to stay off my feet this week. We are going to Regina for Christmas and I want the baby to stay in until we get home. It’s nice to have permission to sit and relax.

Of course, everyone thinks we are crazy for going to Regina for Christmas. On Christmas Day I will turn 38 weeks. But we are just kind of a crazy couple I guess. We have never really been the types to just do the easier thing or play it safe. Family is really important to us and we want to be with them. We both feel like the baby isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, we are prepared for the “what-ifs” of the trip. It’ll be what it’ll be.

Eva was born on Christmas Day.
Ezra was 10lbs 9oz, born naturally, 2 hours start to finish.
Maybe this kid’s birth story is that he was born in Regina while away on Christmas vacation. I just don’t want his story to be that he was born on the highway. That doesn’t sound like that fun of a story to me.


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  1. Kimberley Bye

    Well, it will all work out no matter! I’m thrilled that we get to see you! Thanks for the Post and pictures of the little people :)


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