36 Week Update

Okay, what to say about being 36 weeks pregnant? Not much has changed from my last update!

Though I am still carrying and looking smaller than my other pregnancies, I am starting to feel big. And I get this pinchy leg pain sometimes when I am walking, it’s like someone grabs a nerve in your inner thigh and gives it a good squeeze. It causes me to hunch over in pain, sometimes yelling out, and is rather embarrassing whilst in public places. Not to mention, it is quite dangerous while I am carrying Ezra. I always thought this was called round ligament pain but when I looked it up, it turns out it isn’t. I haven’t really been able to figure out through Google or baby books what it is, so I’m going to ask the midwives tomorrow at my appointment. I remember I for sure had this pain with Ezra, but can’t remember if I had it with Eva or not.

The belly also provides a nice little seat for Ezra when I carry him. Baby will already be used to being pushed around and jumped on by the time he arrives. Ezra points to my belly and says “baby!” which I thought was super cute and wondered if he would still point to my belly and say “baby!” even after baby is out. That won’t be as cute. Seeing as Ezra pointed to his own belly this week and said “baby!”, I’m pretty sure he just thinks bellies are called babies. I wonder how my little mama’s boy is going to react to a new little boy in my life…

Anyway, I guess I can sum it all up by saying that I’m still feeling good. My feet have not swelled like they did with Ezra, which is great. I can still wear my rings. I’m sleeping well at night, except of course since I can only sleep on my sides (you aren’t supposed to sleep on your back when you are this far along, or obviously, on your stomach!) my hips and pelvic bone often ache through the night in the morning, and also my shoulders. This is just normal though, so I’m not really complaining, just stating a fact. Peter has been good about dealing with Eva when she wakes up with a bad dream or some other affliction (why is she waking up so much lately?) so that I can get more sleep.

I’m still pretty in shock that I’m already this far along and that we will for sure have a baby in our arms within 3-5 weeks. Like I said last time, due date arrival would be perfect :)


(35 weeks)

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  1. happyandersons

    You are too cute! You look amazing for 35 – 36 weeks, I was so swollen and bleh around that time, but you look great. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is peaceful and memorable!!


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