25 Weeks


So here I am, 25 weeks pregnant. Only 15-17 weeks to go. Only 101 days until my due date. In the past few weeks I have noticed a couple of changes, first, my belly just feels more pregnant. It is just a little bigger, baby is a little bigger and it’s just more of a preggo belly in general. Second, it seems any action activates a Braxton Hicks contraction (which is just a “practice” contraction, for those unfamiliar with the term). So, I am sitting, I decide to stand up, boom, Braxton Hicks contraction and the belly is rock hard for a few minutes. Very interesting sensation. I guess I can look forward to a few months of these (and by look forward I really just mean anticipate. Though they are not painful, I don’t really enjoy them!)

I have 100% fallen off the wagon of my no sugar, low grains diet. Life has been insanely busy (see my last post) and I’m sorry, it’s just easier to eat some grains and fill myself up and not have to worry about eating every 45-60 minutes! I fully intend to get back on it though, just made a grocery list, and my impending glucose test is also quite motivating. Must remember: “think smaller baby!”

Speaking of smaller, I am measuring on track but still look smaller than I did in my previous pregnancies. These non-preggo jeans I have must be magical or something, because I can still wear my favourite pair (though not my other fave pair, I am still human here). I’m not going to lie, after two pregnancies of feeling and being told how big I am, I am enjoying being called “tiny” for how far along I am. Superficial, maybe, but I’m just being honest! I know I’m about to get huge, so just let me have it for now. And besides even though I look small, I’m probably just carrying totally different than the other two pregnancies and will end up delivering some massive sized baby that all of you will be glad you didn’t have to give birth to! (Ezra was 10lbs 9oz, this baby better not be any bigger).

Baby is moving lots, I can even see baby moving from the outside now.  Peter was able to feel baby moving for the first time on September 1 (21 weeks).  For some time now, baby also has been interacting to our touches or to the midwives heartbeat doppler.  It is fun to push on my tummy and wait for baby to start jiggling around in response.

Anyway, in general I’m still feeling quite good. Pelvic girdle pain is still here, of course, and I am noticing I’m a bit more tired lately and also a few times have felt short of breath as baby gets bigger. All normal pregnancy stuff. The ultrasound revealed a healthy baby (thank you, God!) boy and we are preparing ourselves for being outnumbered.

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