Today is U-Day, also known as Ultrasound Day. I am anxious this morning, it feels like I am waiting on this epic moment to happen. Right now we don’t know, later we will know. It’s a big day! We have been truly blessed with both a boy and a girl so there really isn’t any pressure for this baby to be one or the other, but it still feels momentous as this baby is going to either help the girls dominate the family, or the boys. Which way is our family headed? We are about to find out!


(taken three weeks ago, 17 weeks pregnant)

I wonder if it’s a boy will he look like Ezra? Or will a second girl look like Eva? Or have a look all of its own, someone we’ve never seen before! I am so curious!

As with Ezra, Peter and I agreed to wait until we knew the baby’s gender to even begin talking about names, so we don’t have that decided yet. We found out the gender with Ezra at 18 weeks; we waited until Eva was born to know! Now I don’t even know how I waited with her, I’ve been anxious to know since before I was even pregnant!

I’ll update later after we know :)

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