I was eating really healthy for a while. My midwives have recommended that I try to avoid grains and sugars as much as possible to lower my blood sugar levels. I was eating all kinds of healthy food and drinking lots of water and though it was difficult at times, I felt really good! At first I did not find myself desiring these foods, or water, but after a while I did and their sugary replacements just weren’t as appealing.

I went away on vacation for two weeks and was tempted by everything! I also wasn’t cooking for myself, so it was difficult to eat how I would if I were at home. I noticed something too, at first I was tentative about eating grains or sugars, but after a while, I just gave in completely and it was all I wanted. I didn’t eat the fruit or veggies I had brought with me, and wasn’t drinking water anymore.

I am the same way with my relationship with the Lord and my temptation to sin. Sometimes I find myself in places where I know that I should spend time with the Lord, it is good for me, but I just don’t. I find if I let my relationship with Him slip just a little bit, it isn’t long before I’m letting it all go.

For example, one day I might miss my daily prayer and devotional time. Then it becomes easier to miss more days, then it becomes easier to be unloving, worried, indulgent, etc. Do you see this in your own lives?

It seems I have all the time in the world to spend on the internet or doing anything else but spend time with the Lord. I just finished reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan and it was a brilliant reminder to me of who God is and why I want my life to be consumed by Him.

I am in a place right now where I am willing to give a lot up for Him, to draw so incredibly closer to Him than I have before. Are you wanting to come along?

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2 thoughts on “Consumed.

  1. Crystal Fonk

    Great comparison!!!!


  2. Michelle Slomp

    Too true. It is such an easy slippery slope we can fall into. Glad to hear that you are coming along. I’m there too.


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