Sunday in Tallinn

Today was our second Sunday in Tallinn and we met with the Asunduse church but we met at a school on Sakala street instead to allow for more room for visitors from camp. The school is a private Russian school owned by Kate, a church member, who is also the school principal.

Peter delivered the sermon today and he received great feedback from church members and from Nikolai, the pastor of the Asunduse church. I am so proud of the Christian man Peter has become and the way that he lets God lead him.

After church we went out for lunch with some church members to a Latvian restaurant called Lido. It is an amazing, buffet-style restaurant and it had something for everyone. We will definitely be going there again!

Soon after lunch we headed to the church building to prepare for our Information Meeting – a time for all those interested in participating in our Young Friends English conversation groups could come and learn what it is all about.

We had 12 people show up and we are so thankful for these 12 people whom God loves. I am looking forward to seeing these relationships grow over the next week. Please pray for their hearts to be cultivated and that the seeds that we plant would grow and grow and become fruitful.

After the meeting we went out for supper to the Kompressor Pancake House with our team, several church members and a few others. We are quite the group traveling around together!

Tomorrow marks the first reading day!














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