Free Day – Tartu

Today was a day off for our team so we decided to take a bus to Tartu to see the city and visit friends. First, Peter, Glen and Meghan took our clothes to a laundry service and then we all had breakfast together in our hotel. After that we trammed to the bus station and were on our way. Tartu is about 2.5 hours from Tallinn.

We were greeted at the bus station by Merlin, Ragne, and Raili and met up with Talis, Kristjan, Elli-Maria, Dayna and Bethany (who travelled to Tartu earlier that morning). We spent the afternoon touring the city and laughing with our friends. We were also able to show the teens the Tartu Bible Study Center where we held our LST reading sessions last year and serves as the church building for the Tartu congregation.

We are now on the bus back to Tallinn and will have a special church service in the morning with many people who were at the camp. Most of these people do not regularly attend a church, or may be attending for the first time. Tomorrow evening we will have our Young Friends Information Meeting where the local youth who want to practice their English with us can come and learn what it will be about. Please pray for all of these people who will come, that through our conversations and friendships we will be able to shine God’s light and help them to see life from a new perspective. Please pray that the seeds that will be planted will grow and become fruitful.











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