Daddy’s just so cute.


So much has been happening since the move I have found it hard to get on here and chronicle, but it is still very important to me, so here I am, back at it again.

Like my last post announced, we are expecting baby number 3 in January sometime.  I have my first midwife appointment in about an hour so I will have an official due date after that.  It’s kind of weird this time, I didn’t even go to a doctor or anything to confirm the pregnancy.  Two pregnancy tests were enough for me, especially after I went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy with Ezra and he said, “You know, you can do these tests at home.”  I told him that I knew that, but I thought I had to come in to have a professional confirm it and he told me that they were the same, and what I gathered from that little conversation was that I had wasted both his and my own time.  It felt odd not going to the doctor and not having a “real” due date (BabyCenter tells me January 16) but I’m sure the one that I receive from my midwives will be different so I just thought I’d wait.

I have been feeling pretty good throughout this pregnancy.  Morning sickness did set in, slowly building and worsening, and I even managed to have some kind of flu in the middle of it which was truly awful (I was in bed for 31 hours except for having to run to the toilet to lose my non-lunch).  I am almost 10 weeks (Monday) and for about a week now I have been feeling better.  The nausea still hasn’t totally left but now it’s more of a distant nagging annoyance that decides to overpower me from time to time, not allowing me to eat supper or telling me YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU.  Nausea is interesting that way.  You never know if you should or shouldn’t eat, it always feels like things could go either way.  I am right on course as far as being physically sick, with Eva and Ezra I only vomited one time each and the same is true for this pregnancy as well (minus the lots and lots of vomiting that happened while being truly sick).  So anyway, enough about vomiting.  Like a truly cliched pregnant woman I have almost eaten a whole jar of bread and butter pickles to myself since discovering I was pregnant, and it is truly tasty.  I find myself with these spontaneous little cravings, nothing like “I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW” but more of an, “Oh my goodness that sounds SO GOOD I would really LOVE to eat that right now.”  Some of which have been: LaVonne’s homemade dinner buns, Cheese Tortellini and fresh foccacia bread with oil and balsamic vinegar from Poverino’s (a now defunct restaurant in Regina), and dinosours.  But really, who doesn’t like a red dinosour candy at any time in their life?

I don’t really look pregnant yet, but I can tell that I’m growing.  I do worry that I will have a big growth spurt while we are in Estonia and my jeans will suddenly not fit while I am in a foreign country.  That would not be fun, I can’t imagine what pregnant European women would wear.

So, now that I’ve mentioned Estonia, yeah in two weeks time I will be on my way there.  Or there.  I never really know when it comes to the time changes.  For a while, my friend Dayna and I weren’t even sure what day exactly we get in.  We leave on the 30th.  We arrive at 12:20 on the Friday.  That was all I understood.  So I guess we technically arrive on July 2 very very early in the morning.  I seriously can’t wait to get there.  I am anxious about leaving my kids but I know that God has called me to this and I am so so so beyond thankful that I get to go back to Estonia again this summer.  Honestly, it will be a blessing to have the time away from the kids.  I have only been away from Eva for 5 days and Ezra, probably only like 12 hours maximum, so it is going to be a huge change.  I bet I am going to be very tearful and very happy to see my sweet babies when I arrive back in Calgary on the 16th.

But Estonia, oh Estonia.  That place just has my heart.  I think of Estonia always.  I get to go back and I get to swim in the Baltic sea and walk the beautiful streets of Old Town and I get to eat pancakes.  Estonian style.  With ice cream.  Or chocolate.  Or chocolate and ice cream if I want.  But most importantly, I get to see my friends, I get to make new friends, and I get to be a part of God’s plan there.  I get to share my faith and encourage others.  What more could I ask for?  (I guess I might ask that I get to go to Tartu, because I don’t get to go there this year, but you know God, he kind of does what He wants.  Don’t wanna ask for more when I’ve already received so very much.)

So, Eva has made all these friends in our cul-de-sac and every day they come and ring the doorbell and ask if Eva can come out to play.  Then, off she goes with her friends and I just check on her periodically and sometimes go out and join them.  It is a strange new freedom that was hard to accept at first (I wouldn’t let her out of my sight!) but I am so proud of her and so happy for her.  She just has so much fun.  I can’t believe this girl is off to kindergarten in just 2.5 months.  I can’t wait to see what develops for her and in her over the school year.  I know God has plans!

And Ezra, the little man, he is just the cutest ever.  So smiley and a generally happy guy.  Wakes up earlier than the sun (okay, not now that it’s summer) but I still love him.  He has had no motivation at all when it comes to walking.  He would just prefer to stay down on his hands and knees and crawl away.  But last night, something clicked for him.  Peter and I were sitting on the floor in the classic stance for encouraging your child to walk, and he just decided to DO IT.  He’s like, “yeah, no big deal, I’ll just walk five steps to mommy.”  So he did and oh what an applause he received!  He thought that all the praise was pretty sweet too so he thought he’d just keep doing it.  Then he thought he’d take a few steps, stand for a few seconds, and then take a few more.  What a guy.  He even walked on skype with Grandma LaVonne, so she got to take part in the moment too.

The other day, Eva was talking about how much she will miss daddy when we are gone to Estonia and I said, “Oh, what about me? Won’t you miss me at all?” and she said, “well, yeah, I’ll miss you both, but daddy is just so cute.

Can’t be mad about that.

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One thought on “Daddy’s just so cute.

  1. Merlin

    You all (4,5 people) are cute people ;)
    Sorry, that You won’t make to Tartu, but al least I will see You.
    I’m not sure how long I can stay in the camp (i’m working and haven’t seen my work schedule yet), but I will be there for sure! It’s in God’s hands:)

    Love You all!
    See You soon.


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