It’s April!

Hello everyone in blogland, it is me, Chelsey, writing to you from April.  I don’t know how I got here, but here I am, in April 2011.  We just moved into our new house.  We are just one neighbourhood to the west of our old neighbourhood and we are quite pleased with our new home.  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to live in such a lovely place, and the best part is that it is actually cheaper than what we were paying at our old place!  Pete & Chels – 1/Landlord – 0.

We continue to be busy with ministry and general life, and right now we are training with a group of teens to go over to Estonia on a two week mission with Young Friends.  I am really excited about taking part in this trip with the teens and youth leaders that are going, but I am also really nervous about leaving my Eva and Ezra for two weeks and jetting to the opposite side of the Earth.  Would you mind praying about that for me?  I think Peter and I both will need some peace about the situation, especially when we are saying goodbye and leaving them behind.

Many people think I am crazy for leaving my kids that long and going so far away.  Not crazy in a bad way, but you know, just “I can’t believe you are doing that!” kinda crazy.  And in a way, I can’t believe it either.  But this is the way it is: I couldn’t imagine not going.  I couldn’t imagine not being a part of the trip with these teens that I have been working very hard to build relationships with over the last 2.5 years.  I have been reading the books they are reading.  Listening to music they are listening to.  Reading their blogs.  Reading blogs about the books or music they are interested in.  Talking with them about their faith.  Their lives.  What they care about.  I could not imagine not going on this trip.  I know it will be a huge topic of conversation next year, maybe even as big as Team Jacob vs Team Edward.  MAYBE.  And I have to be a part of it.  The chances are high that we will travel to and from Estonia and everyone will be just fine, and I will return to my kids and take care of them like I always do.  So I am trying not to think of the “what ifs” and just trust in God who lead me to my decision to take part in Young Friends this year.

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been taking great strides to slow life down a bit.  I have stepped down from leading a couple of ministries within our church in order to live a bit less rushed.  I’d like to say that it has helped, but January-February I was busy with work and March was busy preparing for moving, and so I’m hoping that I will start to feel less rushed and busy in the next little while.  Hoping.

One thing that I could not step away from was serving as a youth leader.  I just went on and on about it a paragraph ago, so I don’t want to repeat myself, but being a part of the youth group has been so awesome.  I love that I get to serve alongside Peter and support him in his ministry.  But most importantly, I love the teens!  We have such an awesome group and I have loved getting to know them, and look forward to deepening the relationships that have bene forming.  I go to the Youth/Young Adult class and I am the oldest one there by like 8 years minimum.  I’m not really sure why no other young adults come, so really it’s more like teen class plus me.  But I look around the room and I don’t see “the teens” (even though I refer to them as the teens).  I see my friends.  I really do, and it is awesome.  When we first moved to Calgary, one of the first things we did was go on a camping trip.  I was new and didn’t know anyone and felt pretty uncomfortable.  One of the youth leaders arrived late and all the girls surrounded her car and were so excited she was there.  I thought to myself, “I wish that was me!”  At that point I had never served as a youth leader, and I still didn’t sign up as one for another year.  But now, I think that they might be excited to see me.  I’m pretty sure they would be.

Anyway, I didn’t really have a point to this blog other than to simply write about my life lately, so I guess I’ve served that purpose.  Sorry if it is kind of ramble-y, I’m not really trying very hard to write properly.  More just write something as I have avoided this blog and Inspired Mama.  Now you know why.  I am a committed youth leader, missionary, pastor’s wife, mother to two under four, home-business owner, artist, writer, cat-owner (whose cat keeps trying to escape… I’m sure the neighbours had a good chuckle at me chasing him all through the cul-de-sac today.  A good way to make yourself known to your new neighbours.)

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “It’s April!

  1. Brandi

    Glad to ‘catch-up’ on your life :)

    Sorry, but the image of you chasing a cat through the streets made me laugh! I have trained my kitty to be scared of the door….everytime I open it to let the dog out or go out, I make some loud scary noise and scare her away. Haha, sounds kinda mean, but I don’t want her to get outside!


  2. Merlin

    See You Soon in Estonia!


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