A new month.

It’s February now.  I can’t believe how fast this last year went.  It was about this time last year that I started to anticipate Ezra’s birth as he was due February 28th and we thought he might come early, like Eva did.  Of course, he came late, and wasn’t born until March, but seriously, was it really just a year ago?  This has honestly been the fastest year of my life.  I heard it gets faster and faster the more children you have.

Anyway, I slept in a bit today.  I’ve been trying to start getting up earlier than my children so that I can pray, study, and focus on the day before it really begins.  I still managed to send a few prayers up before I started the day, so that was really nice.  Ezra and I hung out together for a little bit until Eva woke up.  Ezra still usually wakes up around 5AM for a feeding and goes right back to sleep, which of course, he did.  But Eva was wide awake after I left his room, so she came into ours to sleep until a proper waking hour.  When she woke up, she came and snuggled me for a while.  She still likes to do that, even sometimes during the day and I try to soak in every moment of it.  (I am so thankful for my two cuddly children.)

This morning, I was busy doing little random errands for my business and trying to get a blog post ready for a client.  It is difficult for me to get any work done these days, with two kids needing my attention and Ezra starting to pull up on furniture and climb stairs.  Peter was really eager to teach him how to climb the stairs, and I somewhat resent him for that ;)  (Let’s just say, I am thankful for baby gates.)

I had a really great talk on the phone with my mom today.  We often have those.  (I am thankful for that.)

I ate a Lindor chocolate heart that Peter picked up for me yesterday.  (It was delicious and I am thankful.)

One of the most exciting things from today was that we went to the airport to greet our Estonian friend, Kaidi.  She will be here in Calgary for a whole month!  I am excited to spend more time with her.  It is so fun to have someone from Estonia here in Canada.  (Of course there are many others that we wished could’ve fit in her suitcase, but we are so thankful to have Kaidi here.)

Some things that don’t usually get mentioned are things like me being frustrated with kids because I wanted to get work done and they needed me or snapping at my husband.  (But my kids, my husband and God are full of grace, and I am thankful for that.)

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2 thoughts on “A new month.

  1. Jill Slywka

    LOVE the new look! I’m looking forward to hearing about, and seeing the snapshots into your daily lives! And even though I’m not a mama, I look forward to reading some of your thoughts on there too!


  2. Chelsey

    Thanks, Jill! I always love reading your blog too! I used to read so many but have really cut back for lack of time! I still keep up with yours though :)


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