The List

Here is my totally obnoxious materialistic Christmas list! Just in case anyone out there is stumped on what to get me :)

A new pair of red vans. In case you haven’t noticed, my current red vans, which were purchased spring of 2003, have carried me many miles and are quite faded with many holes. I think red sneakers might be my signature shoe so I think I must replace them with a new pair. They can be purchased here. (ps shoe size is a women’s nine).

Notice a theme among these books? I am taking my call to the ministry of motherhood to heart lately and would love any or all of these books. They can be purchased from :)

I bet you think these are purses. You are right. They are. But they are also camera bags. I have wanted a bag like this for a long time, so that I can have my dSLR with me and not miss out on capturing life as it happens without carrying some ugly, cumbersome camera bag. These ones with the roses are from and I just can’t decide which colour I like best. Probably black because it is safest and would go with everything, but I do love the yellow and the teal. I guess you’ll have to surprise me. The JoTotes bags are quite affordable, but if you really want to go all out you could get me an Ephiphanie bag. I have seen the Epiphanie bags in person and I know they are great quality and so beautiful, but of course they have a much higher price tag. I think the Clover bag is my favourite (as pictured below) aesthetically but also because Rachel Devine has it and I love her and it is named after her daughter Clover.

Finally, there are definitely some things missing from my sewing kit, like pinking shears and decent pins, rotary cutter and mat, and various other things that I can’t think of right now. So a gift certificate to Fabricland or Michaels would also be sweet.

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