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We’re in the middle of our first day of reading right now. We had our information meetings here in Tartu on Saturday and Sunday and now have 52 readers signed up. We are going to be very busy which is great! Things are going very well! We already know that we’ve had a huge impact just from camp and the incredible new friendships we have with so many young people and its only the middle of the first day of reading. 3 more weeks of reading. Our team has definitely been impacted in a huge way as well. In a way that is hard to write about really but i’m sure those of you who know us well will see it in us when we get home. We love all of you. We want to thank so many of you again for your support and participation in this with us!!!!!! Got to go. I’m on my hour of watching the kids while Chelsey reads. You can see a video of our week at camp here… http://www.facebook.com/?tid=1359764954231&sk=messages#!/group.php?gid=210702323769&ref=ts


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