Happy Two Months Ezra!

Dear Ezra,
Another month has gone by.  Did I already mention that it hard to remember what life was like before you joined our family?  You started smiling when you were about 4 weeks old.  At first, your smiles were few and far between.  Often, the best time to see your smiles were when you and I were up together in the very early morning, after your first feed.  But now, you are smiling like crazy.  Your eyes light up so much it looks like you are just going to burst.  Sometimes it seems like you have a giggle in there just waiting to bust out.  I am looking forward to that.  You have giggled a couple of times, the first time that you did it “for sure” was on May 4.  I think you may have giggled once before then.  You are so ticklish.  That’s how I got you to giggle the first time, tickling you up by your neck.  When you are being changed I like to gently tickle you and your whole body just tenses up and you have this funny little grin on your face.  Your bright smiling face is one of my new favourite additions to our supper times.  We sit you in your swing, up to the dinner table and you just smile away.  You watch me and wait for me to look your way, and when I do, you give me this huge grin and kind of curl up into yourself.  It is one of my favourite times.

Another favourite memory from this month, was when daddy was at a meeting and Eva was in bed and you and I were sitting together on the couch.  I propped you up in the corner of the couch and we just sat there together, cooing and chatting at each other.

For the past couple of weeks, you have made a habit of sleeping about 7 hours in a row, and I really love that too.

At your six week check up (our last with the midwives) you weighed 13lbs 5oz and were 60 cm long.

We waited 20 months for you to get here, but you were so worth the wait.  Love you, buddy.

<3 mama

(see one month photo here)

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3 thoughts on “Happy Two Months Ezra!

  1. Kim Bye

    awww chels! He’s such an adorable little guy! Can’t wait to see him on the 25th. I love his big smile in this picture!


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