Ezra Willis Roberts

March 8, 2010

5:06 AM @ Foothills Medical Centre

10lbs 9oz

21 inches

I woke up with labour pains at approximately 2:45AM on March 8.  We called our midwives and met them at the hospital just before 4AM, and sweet Ezra was born at 5:06AM.  Once it was established that everyone was doing well, we were clear to go home by 8AM!

I had a lot of anxiety about how this labour and delivery would happen, but it all went perfectly.  I am so happy with how everything happened.

We have  had a lot of help in the last two weeks and I have been able to rest and recover.  Now everyone has gone home, but we are doing well, especially since we have been blessed with such an easy-going baby.  Ezra is just so sweet and happy most of the time, hardly makes a fuss.  Hopefully he stays that way!

I am loving having a second go-around at motherhood, and feel so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have another little person in my life.  So far, everything seems a lot easier than it did the first time, and a lot less dramatic.  Maybe it is because Ezra is so easy-going, maybe it is because it is the second time and not as big of a change.  Maybe both.  Whatever the case, I am happy that everything is going smoothly so far!

We were fortunate to have the amazing Brittany Esther and her camera present at Ezra’s birth, if you are interested in checking out some of the photos, you can check her blog here.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. jerms

    congrats guys! glad to hear all is well


  2. kelli

    oh how i hope my second (if there is one…) is so easy going. if luca had only been that way, maybe there would be no ‘if’. what a sweet little man. soon i will come meet him!


  3. Trinda

    hey!! what a little (or maybe not so little!!) guy!! So cute! I am glad things went well and are continuing that way for you!! Can’t wait to meet the little man!


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