37 weeks

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I finally started packing my hospital bag today.

This pregnancy has just been moving on without me. I am in complete disbelief that I am already 37.5 weeks pregnant! Eva was born at 38.5 weeks. So, I could have a baby next week. I could have a baby tonight. I could have a baby in 4 weeks. Let’s hope for earlier rather than later.

My nesting instinct definitely kicked in after Christmas and I have been very busy making tons of things for the baby. If you have facebook, you’ve seen it.

I look at my sweet girl Eva and can’t believe what an amazing little person she is. I remember when I was pregnant with her, and we didn’t even know if we were having a boy or a girl! She was such a mystery and it has been so amazing to get to know her. She is so much more than Peter and I could have ever dreamed we could be blessed with. I know that it is the same way with this little guy. Who he is and how he will change our lives is such a mystery that I am so excited to dive into!

(ps – I did a mini photoshoot today but I haven’t processed any of the images yet.  Too bad I’m feeling so lazy, it would be a perfect way to end this blog.)

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