New Moon Party

On Friday, November 20, I held a New Moon party for the teens.  We met at my place for goodies and refreshments and then went to the movie together.

This is what it looked like:

It was lots of fun and apparently this automatically means I am throwing an Eclipse and Breaking Dawn party when they are released.


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3 thoughts on “New Moon Party

  1. Kim Bye

    Great memories Chels! Great job with the food and the decorations. Wow! Can’t wait to watch the movie with you. I’ve heard that some like Twilight better and some like New Moon better, but just doesn’t matter to me because I have to see them both anyway! Your next two parties will be something fun to look forward to.


  2. Jill

    Ahhh so sorry I missed that Chelsey! Looks like a blast! Still waiting to see the movie! I’ll have to catch it at the cheap theatres?!!


  3. Shantala

    WOw you did an amazing job Chelsey. I would have loved to be there! Your creativity definately is infectious!


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