This video is a collaboration of one of my favourite photographers Tara Whitney and Michel Sandy.  From following Tara’s blog for a few years now, I know the family that she is photographing to be close friends of hers.  I found this “home movie experience” that she offers to be so touching that I had to share!  I wish I could have something like this.  Someday when I go to California, I will pay her the big bucks to make one for my family :)

Until then, enjoy this.  It gave me tears.

(Embedding to this post was disabled by the owner, so you will just have to follow the link if you are interested enough!)

Falconbridge Family Film from Michel Sandy on Vimeo.

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4 thoughts on “:)

  1. Kim Bye

    They are totally awesome! Very lovely!!! What a way to capture grand memories.


  2. kelli

    i sure like that.


  3. jessie

    do you think they are using the 5d mark II for that?
    or other video technology?
    it’s beautiful…and inspiring! i’d love to try it someday myself.
    thanks for sharing.


  4. chelsey d. roberts

    i believe michel sandy is a videographer. you can see his work here: http://web.me.com/michelsandy/michelfilm/intro.html

    from what i understand, tara was photographing and he was videoing. no markII fusion.


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