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8 thoughts on “Eva & the Piano.

  1. Penny

    So very talented! I love the way she says her ‘s’s


  2. Kim Bye

    That’s our star Eva! Yes, Jesus loves me, is my fav so thank her for me! She’s such a talent!! I love her sooo much!!


  3. Alexis

    ohhh chelsey, I love watching how you interact with her. It makes my heart sing happy!

    and, is that a digital piano or a diginal keyboard?


  4. kelli

    she’s an artist aaaand a musician. love it. keep encouraging that!


  5. Marilyn

    too cute!!


  6. chelsey d. roberts

    it is a portable grand, so it is small like a keyboard but has weighted keys and has the sound of a grand piano… among other sounds!


  7. Kim Bye

    I love how much she claps when she’s finished. What a girl!
    You be sad??? funny!


  8. chelsey d. roberts

    i love that too!
    she’s hilarious :)


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