Contest Winner!

Eva helped me pick the winner, check out the video:

Congratulations to my friend, Merlin, from Tartu, Estonia!  Please forgive my pronounciation of your name… I need to come back to Estonia so I can learn to say it properly again!

Thank you so so much to everyone who commented.  It was a lot of fun for me :)  I think I will have to start doing giveaways regularly!

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6 thoughts on “Contest Winner!

  1. Tami

    ben is making me watch this video repeatedly! : )


  2. Brandi

    yay to Merlin!
    i so would love to have give-aways on my blog but i don’t have anything cool like you do…hmm…i’ll have to think about it some more… :)


  3. chelsey d. roberts

    LOL @ Tami ;)
    Eva is like that too!!


  4. jessie

    that video is so cute, i don’t even care that i didn’t win!


  5. Kim Bye

    That is the sweetest video!


  6. Alexis

    I taste cupcakes when I hear and see Eva. Does that happen to you too?


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