March 1

I am really enjoying reading everyone’s comments and hearing which blogs you loved. It has definitely given me a boost today :)

Though Jason is technically writing in February, I am excited that I have inspired others to take up the challenge. Jill and Harmony are going to be blogging for the month of March, so check them out!

I’m not sure that I will write every day consistently, but I have come to enjoy writing regularly and hope to keep it up better than I have in the past.

I do have a new challenge, one that I tried in the spring and didn’t complete when my life became too crazy for basic functioning.

I hereby announce… the return of the 365 Project.


The other day I pulled out my old Canon A-1.  I learned on a camera like this when I was in high school and bought this one on e-bay back when Peter and I were just dating.  I plan to run some film through her sometime soon, but not sure when yet.  For today, she was my subject.  Make sure to check out Flickr or Facebook for the photos, as that is where they will be posted!

A fun Eva story from today:

A couple of weeks ago we took Eva to the swimming pool and she had an absolute blast.  She was crying when we had to go and she talked about the swimming pool quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.  Tonight I told her that we would be going to the swimming pool tomorrow and she was so excited that she was laughing and telling me all about the things we did the last time we went.  Then she started jumping up and down and kept saying “I’m so happy!”.

I loved it.

She has really started verbally expressing her emotions and it is so funny to hear her say things like “I’m being mad”, “I’m so excited!”, “I’m too shy.”

What a cutie.

Don’t forget to comment on the last post before midnight tomorrow to be entered into the contest!!

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3 thoughts on “March 1

  1. Marilyn

    You don’t know how tempted I was to go and write a comment on each one of your blogs, just so I would have a better chance of winning a print! ;)


  2. Brandi

    ummm…i’m in the dark – what is the 365 project?


  3. chelsey d. roberts

    a photo a day for 365 days :)


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