It is just past midnight here in Alberta, I am finally back home with my husband! 

I don’t have much to say today except that one of the most positive things about today (and every day) is Eva’s laughter.  She is such a good traveler.  We had so many giggles at lunch with Auntie Joy, on the trip with Kelli and then the sweetest giggles when she was with her daddy again. 

I started to think about the movie Monsters Inc.  At first, the monsters scare the kids to provide energy, but in the end they realize that they get even more energy by making the children laugh.  If this story were true, Eva would be such a great energy source.

Happy Friday everyone!

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One thought on “27/28

  1. tbug5

    That is a great movie, Gab saw it last night for the first time. She cried and got upset when Boo had to go home and Sully had to say goodbye, so I made her watch the end with me, so she knew that Sully got to see her again. It was cute.


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