Everyone out there is getting kind of quiet.  No comments coming in… is there any reason to continue blogging?  I am thinking up a sweet contest, so you better get your comments ready… they may come in handy some day soon.  Blogging while away from home is proving to be quite difficult.  My days are so busy visiting with people that I’m finding little time to think about blogging.  Right now it is past midnight in SK and I’m just sitting down to write.

Every time I come out to Saskatchewan and I visit the places where I grew up, I get such a strange feeling.  So many reminders of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  Tonight I went down to Carievale for my Grandpa’s 75th birthday party.  I was surrounded by family, many of which I haven’t seen in a long time.  Lots of great aunts and uncles.  I saw a distant cousin of mine who I used to babysit.  Now she’s almost 12.  I am at the age now where I am finding it strange that people who were once small are now grown up. 

I also noticed others looking at me that way.  It is probably so amazing to them that I’m grown up and married and have a kid, just as I am now amazed that this toddler I babysat is almost a teenager and can play beautiful songs on the piano.  I couldn’t help but think about my great aunts knowing me as a child and now seeing me grown. 

I’m just thankful for these people and places who have had a part in my life, and shaped me into who I am now.

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2 thoughts on “19/28

  1. Marilyn

    Keep blogging Chelsey! I am really enjoying your month of “thoughts”. It was good to see you last night – and I will say I was thinking the same thing – “when did everybody grow up?” It seems like just yesterday you were all little yourselves and now I watch you all being moms and dads and its just awesome! It makes my heart smile!


  2. Brandi

    i’m still reading your blog and would be disappointed if you stopped! i love your thoughts!


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