Today’s highlights:

– cleaning up the entire house

– setting up Eva’s big girl bed, and taking her crib apart all by myself!

– I was getting frustrated with putting together the bed rail and Eva said “Mommy sad?” I said “Yes.” She asked, “Need a kiss?” and then gave me one.

– My mom and Randy are actually coming tonight instead of tomorrow!

I’ve been busy cleaning all day long so I haven’t really been pondering anything too deep.  But I did want to share the positives from today and a picture of a yummy navel orange that I ate yesterday.  My favourite!

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One thought on “12/28

  1. tbug5

    That pic leaves me tempted to lick the screen. I refrained though. I am glad that you were able to share your positives!

    See you next week, have fun with your mom! She is awesome!


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