Dead and Gone. 9/28


On this road so long,
trying to find my way home.
Old me, dead and gone.

Some diehard Justin Timberlake fans will recognize the lyrics that are on the above image.  Yes, I changed them a bit and put them into a haiku.  Haikus are fun.

I don’t feel as though I have been on this road too long (as the original lyrics state), but sometimes it definitely does feel long.  What really stood out to me last night when JT was belting his heart out was the line “the old me is dead and gone.”

It’s true.  Every step I take toward my home is another step away from the old me.

And I’m glad she’s gone.

(That might sound morbid, but she was so insecure and lost and kinda lame.  The new me and the me I am becoming is way cooler, but only because I have a pretty sweet role model.)

The new me will be all right.

(oh and happy birthday to my dad!)

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3 thoughts on “Dead and Gone. 9/28

  1. tbug5

    OOOO….Chelsey. I like the way you think and the way you share it.

    Thanks friend!



  2. Mom

    The new you is amazing! Thank you God! I love you!


  3. Kim Bye

    I agree with the above comment!


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