blog name?

i’m lacking the creativity these days to come up with a clever blog name…

in regina we were posts from the prairies

in victoria we were posts from the west coast

now what are we in calgary? (and it doesn’t necessarily need to start with posts)


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3 thoughts on “blog name?

  1. gabbailey


    Robert’s in Paradise….:D
    Adventures Cowtown
    More than footnotes from the foothills.

    ok, I’m terrible at this. Good luck!


  2. blair

    how about…

    ‘posts from the city with the most annoying, arrogant football team on the face of the planet. in case you didn’t catch my drift, i hate the calgary stampeders.’

    it’s a little long, but i think it gets the point across, don’t you?


  3. Rachel

    What about “Snapshots from Stampede City”?


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